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Ram CM Truck Beds

RAM CM Truck Beds in Manhattan, KS 

Our clients tend to be hardworking and need trucks to complete tough jobs. We supply our clients with the necessary accessories to make hard work easier. RAM is a world-renowned truck manufacturer. Many of our clients take their RAM trucks to the next level with CM truck beds. CM truck beds are well-regarded as top-quality due to their durability. We think many accessories such as CM truck beds also make your RAM look better when working harder. CM truck beds are also backed by a warranty, guaranteeing you get the expected quality and durable performance. Contact us at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories for your RAM CM truck bed. We proudly serve the Manhattan, KS, region, including Ogden, St. George, Topeka, and Junction City, KS.

Steel vs. Aluminum Flatbed Pros and Cons 

CM truck beds are popular options among many hardworking professionals in various industries. Aluminum and steel flatbeds are popular choices, with each material offering specific advantages. Steel flatbeds are the most durable; with proper maintenance and use, they can stand the test of time and remain viable for the most challenging work for longer. Aluminum is an alternative to steel with the advantage of lighter weight and rust resistance. The aluminum shortcoming is that it’s more difficult to modify compared to steel and usually more expensive.

RAM Stake Bodies

Stake bodies are flatbeds with open designs and sockets for fencing/railing to secure cargo. Stake bodies are popular among RAM owners involved in construction and farming professionals.

RAM Service Bodies

A RAM service bed can be a practical modification for truck owners to expand storage capacity. They can also support cranes in making unloading and loading easier. RAM service bodies are available in steel and aluminum.

RAM Specialty Beds

Specialty beds meet specific truck requirements. Specialty beds are often customized for particular uses such as welders, landscapers, hay bail transport, farming, and towing. Specialty beds are helpful for certain professionals and can save you money for expensive equipment rental. Consider a RAM specialty bed to increase work convenience and make your hard work more manageable.

Request a Quote and Order RAM CM Truck Beds at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories 

Get a quote by submitting the online Request a Quote form. You can also contact an experienced truck bed specialist today with questions, get a quote, or place an order. We look forward to making your RAM truck work better with a CM truck bed.