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Ford CM Truck Beds

Ford CM Truck Beds in Manhattan, KS 

At Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories, we proudly serve Ford truck owners in Manhattan, Topeka, St. George, Junction City, Ogden, and other nearby locations. We offer a full range of truck beds from standard to specialty truck beds, including the CM, which has offered high-quality truck beds for over 20 years to Ford truck owners.

Truck Bed Installation Service at Heartland Truck Bedss 

We offer the service of expert technicians, trained and experienced in truck bed installation and maintenance services. They use factory-approved procedures and tools for quick, reliable, and safe installation of your new truck bed.

Full Range of Ford CM Truck Beds

Steel Flat Beds

The CM steel beds are popular as they offer excellent versatility and durability. Installing a steel flatbed can turn your Ford truck into a powerful workhorse.

Aluminum Flat Beds

You might consider getting a CM aluminum flatbed for excellent corrosion resistance and have a light-weight design. The lightweight design helps maximize the fuel efficiency of the truck.

Service Bodies

CM offers a variety of truck beds with service body configurations that allow for easy customization that boost storage, expandability, and modified additions.

Specialty Bodies

If you require something specific for an application such as farming, landscaping, or use as a dump truck, you can choose from CM specialty bodies available at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories.

Stake Bodies

CM stake bodies are ideal for applications that require an open design and socks to allow for railing or fencing, depending on the application. We carry stake bodies for Ford trucks.

Visit Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories for Ford CM Truck Beds 

We invite Ford truck owners to stop by our state-of-the-art facility to look at our CM truck beds and get a quote today on a new truck bed! Please contact our team today for more information on our varied selection of truck beds. If you would like to schedule an installation service, please call or visit our website.