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GMC Bradford Built Beds

GMC Bradford Built Truck Beds in Manhattan, KS 

GMC manufactures some of the most popular trucks among hard-working people. Bradford Built is a world-famous truck bed manufacturer known for a wide variety of durable, rugged, and affordable beds. Many local GMC truck owners install Bradford Built truck beds to help their trucks work better for them. Continue reading about Bradford Built truck beds and the beds available for your GMC. Contact us for a price quote and schedule an expert installation service at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories in Manhattan, KS, near Topeka, Junction City, St. George, and Ogden, KS. 

Bradford Built Truck Beds

Bradford Built manufactures reliable and sturdy truck beds, making them one of the most popular upgrades among hard-working people. Bradford Built truck beds provide several attractive features as standard, including chain keyholes, 1/8 “ tread plate floor, 30,000-pound gooseneck hitch, sealed beam lights, deck stake pockets, 7-pole plug, tapered rear corners, and a durable yet easily cleaned power coat with an excellent look. Here are the most popular GMC Bradford Built truck beds:

  • Steel & Aluminum Workbeds: Bradford Built workbeds provide the same performance and features in steel and aluminum options. Workbeds have a receiver hitch, hinged side rails, and gooseneck hitch. Many local truck owners upgrade their steel and aluminum workbeds with job-specific toolboxes. Aluminum workbeds provide less rugged durability than steel but get the job done with 30% less weight.
  • Steel & Aluminum 4Box Utility: The Bradford Built 4Box Utility features a steel or aluminum design. The 4Box provides a skirted bed with tool-carrying capacity and an expansive deck for maximum capacity.
  • Steel Regulator: The Steel Regulator is similar to the 4Box but features a more rugged look because it has a two-inch tread plate skirt.
  • Mustang Bed: The Mustang Bed is popular among those needing improved ranch/farm truck performance. The bed is rugged, simple, and functional, with stake pockets supporting side customization.

Get a Quote and Schedule Installation at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories  

GMC owners can get a Bradford Build truck bed quote by submitting the online form or calling us during regular operating hours. We welcome walk-ins to stop by and speak with an accessories specialist about GMC Bradford Built truck beds. Once you obtain your quote, we welcome you to schedule professional installation with our expert technicians. We aim to complete your new truck bed installation quickly and conveniently.