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Chevrolet CM Truck Beds

Chevrolet CM Truck Beds in Manhattan, KS 

CM is an industry-leading truck bed manufacturer known for a wide variety of top-quality beds suitable for various professionals and industries. Truck beds are popular among those wanting to make their trucks work better. Chevrolet owners often install CM truck beds due to the company’s reputation for quality backed by a warranty and vast options matching specific uses. Continue reading about CM truck beds available for your Chevrolet. Contact us at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories for your Chevrolet CM truck bed. We service the Manhattan, KS, area, including St. George, Ogden, Junction City, and Topeka, KS.

Aluminum vs. Steel Flatbed Pros and Cons 

Flatbeds are manufactured with aluminum or steel construction. Each has pros and cons by comparison. Aluminum has the advantage of lighter weight and rust resistance. Aluminum has disadvantages compared to steel regarding cost; aluminum is usually more expensive than steel. Aluminum is also more difficult to modify when compared to steel. Steel flatbeds are more durable than aluminum. With sufficient maintenance and proper use, they will last longer and remain viable for the most challenging work.

Chevrolet Stake Bodies

Many Chevrolet owners modify their trucks with stake bodies because the open sockets and design allow railing and fencing to secure precious cargo. Stake bodies are popular truck beds for Chevrolet owners involved in specific work such as construction and farming.

Chevrolet Service Bodies

A Chevrolet service bed offers practical modifications for those needing to expand storage capacity. Service bodies can support cranes when loading and unloading cargo. Service bodies are popular among Chevrolet owners who work in construction and farming.

Chevrolet Specialty Beds

Chevrolet specialty beds offer a practical way to advance customized performance for various professionals and industries. Service bodies customize trucks for more efficient work completion, such as electricians, plumbers, welders, towing, farming, hay bail transportation, etc. Many hardworking professionals save money by installing a specialty bed instead of paying more to rent the necessary equipment. Consider a Chevrolet specialty bed for added convenience while making challenging jobs easier.

Get a Chevrolet CM Truck Bed Quote and Order at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories 

Chevrolet truck owners can get a CM truck bed quote by submitting the online Request a Quote form or calling us during regular business hours to speak with our truck bed specialist. We look forward to outfitting your Chevrolet with a CM truck bed that makes your hard work more manageable.