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Chevrolet C5 Truck Beds

Chevrolet C5 Truck Beds in Manhattan, KS  

We provide local Chevrolet owners with truck beds and accessories that improve how their trucks work for them. C5 Manufacturing truck beds are popular among local Chevrolet owners due to their superb construction, standard features, reliability, and durability. Continue reading about the quality and value of C5 Manufacturing truck beds. Consider how a C5 Manufacturing truck bed can provide the modification your Chevrolet needs to optimize work efficiency, completion, and success. Read about South Fork Dump Flatbeds and Chisholm Trail Bale Beds. Contact us to discuss your Chevrolet truck’s truck bed modification options and get a quote at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories in Manhattan, serving Ogden, St. George, Junction City, and Topeka, KS.

C5 Manufacturing Truck Beds

Chevrolet truck owners choose C5 Manufacturing beds because the company is well known for top-quality, durable, and innovative truck beds that provide the modification needed to optimize work truck performance for hard-working people in various industries/professions. Local Chevrolet owners who work in farming/ranching, landscaping, agriculture, and construction find that C5 truck bed modifications improve truck performance and work efficiency. Here are two of the most popular C5 Manufacturing truck beds available for Chevrolet trucks:

  • South Fork Dump Flatbed: Turn your ¾ or 1-ton Chevrolet into a dump truck with a South Fork Dump Flatbed. South Fork Dump Flatbeds have numerous attractive features, including large doors allowing easy access to mechanical components, a safety stand, danger decals with a high-visibility warning, a heavy-duty, bent-tube headache rack with grab handles, a safety stand for the dump option, a 1’ rise 30,000-pound rated hitch ball, all-steel design for maximum durability, D-ring tie down, chain attachments, and receiver hitch welding. The south Fork Dump Flatbed is available in numerous sizes that meet Chevrolet truck models’ specifications. 
  • Chisholm Trail Bale Bed: The Chisolm Trail Bale Bed provides numerous standard features that expand truck capabilities in handling hay and other dump materials. The arm-lift capacity is 2,850 pounds, with a bed capacity of 6,000 pounds. The independent lift arm action relies on two squeeze cylinders versus a phasing cylinder, offering improved squeeze and maneuverability. Operators can move the arm together or individually for easy bale pickup and efficient end-to-end stacking. The arm system’s free-float design allows hay unrolling while remaining in complete contact with rough terrain. The unique locking valve system prevents arms from extending when traveling with hay bales while limiting frame stress.   

Get a Chevrolet C5 Truck Bed Quote at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories  

Local Chevrolet owners can request a quote online, by phone, or in person. Get a quote online by submitting the Request a Quote form that requires basic details, including name, contact, and truck. Once submitted, we will contact you shortly by phone or email as preferred.