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Products at Heartland
Truck Beds and Accessories

Heartland Truck Beds and Accessories in Manhattan, KS sells various truck beds and accessories made by several different companies. We sell Hillsboro, CM Truck Beds, C5 Manufacturing, Bradford Built, RKI Beds, Weather Guard, and WeatherTech truck beds for all trucks. We also carry truck accessories that include bumpers (Chevrolet, Ford, RAM, Toyota, and GMC), grill guards, toolboxes, splash guards, hitches, bed covers, and seat covers. We can customize your truck for work or personal use. The trucks our professional builders customize are used for farming, manufacturing, transporting, and other various businesses. 

We sell quality products and can customize your truck to meet your personal and professional needs. We service the areas of Manhattan, Ogden, St. George, Junction City, and Topeka. We will find the right truck bed and accessories to customize your truck to make it your brand. Below are the quality manufacturers of the products that we sell and install.

Service Bodies

Steel Flatbeds

Aluminum Flatbeds

Hillsboro Trailers & Truck Beds

We sell Hillsboro’s full lineup of trailers and truck beds. This includes their 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, STA, and GI truck bed series. Along with their 3500-lb, 5200-lb, and aluminum trailers. All of these products are built to withstand any carrying cargo. Most of them are adjustable and incorporate many safety features that allow you to secure your cargo. 

Hillsboro truck beds are resistant to corrosion and wear. Rain, snow, and sleet will not rust or corrode the bed. This construction is lightweight, never has to be painted, saves on fuel when transporting, and is designed for Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet trucks. These beds are ideal for transporting or pulling equipment. Their trailers are not much different, they are also designed to be durable, secure, and efficient.

CM Truck Beds

The variety of truck beds and bodies CM provides is outstanding. We carry their lineup of steel and aluminum flatbeds, as well as stake, service, and specialty bodies. We highly recommend their flatbeds made of steel, the most durable material for any work truck. The decks on these beds are designed for heavy-duty work, and their powder coat finish protects all surfaces on the truck. All of the hitch made by GM remain stable in all weather conditions, and their side rails are designed to hold down cargo securely. Available options for many of their bed constructions include wood, blackwood with a rubber insert, or rubberwood (a stronger and environmentally friendly type of material). All of their models are engineered for add-ons. There are an endless amount of ways to customize them through additional accessories.

C5 Manufacturing

If you are a farmer, landscaper, rancher, or construction manager, CM5 MFG has some wonderful products for you. No matter what you choose, you are sure to get a quality truck bed.

The Chisholm Trail Bale Bed helps local farmers and ranchers transport hay and feed for livestock. This bale bed is considered the “Cadillac” of bale beds with its rugged design and special features. It can lift up to 2,850 pounds and dump up to 6,000 pounds of hay, feed, or grain. The South Fork Dump Flatbed basically turns your work truck into a dump truck. Lawn and landscaping professionals love how durable and easy-to-use this truck bed is. It is also the only dumping flatbed manufactured in the USA for all 3/4 and 1-ton pickups. 

From just two products you are able to see the level of quality and care C5 Manufacturing puts into their products. If you would like to learn more and shop C5 MFG trucks beds in Manhattan, KS, contact our experts.

Bradford Built Truck Beds

Bradford Built Truck Beds are made for all types of businesses and hauling jobs. We sell their truck beds made of aluminum and steel designed for wear and longevity. Their models have gooseneck hitches that can pull over 30,000 pounds, 4-inch flip upside rails, and many ways to secure your load or merchandise. Some beds come with an inserted toolbox for added storage and come with a headache rack with stop and go lights. The Contractor Bed comes with front corner boxes and long boxes for tool storage. Our inventory of Bradford Built truck beds come in  several styles to suit different industries work beds, contractor beds, 4Box utility, and clamp beds for hay and feeding livestock. When you want quality, Bradford truck beds fit the bill.

RKI Beds and Equipment

RKI sells several types of quality truck beds or service bodies that allow us to customize a truck to many different industries. They have standard beds made of steel for long term wear and a lifetime guarantee. They have equipment beds for trucks that carry equipment in various industries, crane beds for trucks with cranes attached, and line body beds. We sell their truck accessories as well, such as truck boxes for storage underbody, side boxes, and cross boxes to store tools and equipment. We also carry grilles, floor drawers, cranes, and winches to install to customize work trucks.


Crownline Truck Beds

Folks who use pickup trucks for agricultural work can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best. That’s where Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories comes in! We are proud to carry only the finest truck beds and accessories, and this includes Crownline truck beds for Chevy, GMC, RAM, and more. Crownline was founded by people who know what truck beds and accessories farmers need, and they provide solutions that are affordable and durable. You can find some of the more popular Crownline truck beds below!

WeatherTech Accessories

WeatherTech makes quality accessories for the interior and exterior of your truck. They make quality floor liners, seat protectors, and liners to protect the truck’s bed when carrying cargo. We sell all of their protective liners for pickup trucks and tailgates, gadgets to protect the bumper, quality floor mats, mud flaps, bumper protectors, and bug protectors that attach to the grill.

Call Heartland Truck Bed and Accessories For An Appointment

Call us for an appointment for an estimate on customizing your truck, or accessories for the inside or outside. We will give you an estimate on the parts and labor, and the amount of time needed to complete the job. Businesses, farmers, ranchers, and truck enthusiasts- call us to learn more about our specialized services.