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Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories Offers Fuel Additives from Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants

Fuel additives are designed to improve your vehicle’s functioning, and some of the best fuel additives around are made by Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants. We offer these fuel additives at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories, your source for all your truck needs. Drivers from Ogden, St. George, Junction City, and all around the area choose us when their truck needs something. We even get drivers from as far away as Topeka who make the special trip to see us. Find out more about Schaeffer’s fuel additives here, and then get some for your truck at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories in Manhattan, KS.

Why Choose Fuel Additives from Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants?

Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants makes some fuel additives for gasoline engines (specifically, one-stroke and two-stroke engines). However, most of these fuel additives are designed for use in diesel engines that use ultra low sulfur diesel — ULSD, for short. ULSD is a superior choice of diesel fuels for reducing emissions, however, it can also cause problems in your engine if it is not treated with additives. By choosing Schaeffer’s fuel additives for your diesel vehicle, you will get the following benefits:

Reduced Emissions

These additives help prevent the buildup of soot and carbon, which keeps the fuel system cleaner. This means that your vehicle will release fewer emissions.

Consistent Fuel Quality

No matter what time of year you’re driving, you’re set with fuel additives from Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants. These additives have been tested extensively, and the result is consistent quality of fuel.

Superior Cold Weather Performance

If you leave ULSD untreated, it may end up gelling, waxing, or freezing up the fuel lines in the winter. This is partly because ULSD is more likely to retain moisture than other types of diesel fuel. Fuel additives from Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants help prevent these problems by dispersing water.

Increased Lubricity Protection

ULSD also takes away some of the helpful lubricity of diesel fuel. Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants fuel additives help bring it back with SynShield®, their proprietary lubricating technology that protects from early wear and injector scoring.

Find Fuel Additives and More at Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories, Serving Ogden and Topeka, KS

When you’re ready to make sure that your truck has the very best, come by Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you need! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to help.

The Best Truck Beds & Accessories in Manhattan, Kansas

At our facility in Manhattan, KS, we provide a wide variety of truck beds and accessories.  Whether your truck needs to haul hay, have hydraulics, or other special features, we’ll take care of you. In our service facility, we will get your new truck bed installed to get on with your day.  Our exceptional customer service sets us apart from others. We serve a wide variety of communities, including hard-working professionals and auto enthusiasts. You’ll find that the products we offer were created through innovation and attitude. While you’re looking at truck beds, consider the full range of accessories that we have available. You may find the perfect item that will make your work just that much easier. Don’t ever sacrifice on quality. When you need a quality flatbed or accessories for the toughest jobs, visit us. We’ve got you covered!