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Hillsboro Truck Beds

Truck beds are essential for working vehicles that haul and transport goods and equipment on a regular basis. A variety of industries, farmers, and contractors depend on the design of a flat bed for their pick up and commercial size trucks to safely perform their duties. Below are the most common flatbeds and other options available at Hillsboro truck beds.

Aluminum Truck Beds

One of the most popular options, aluminum truck beds come in a variety of sizes to fit pickup trucks of all sizes. The bed can be flat or contoured, depending on your needs for having this specialized bed placed on your pickup. Aluminum does not rust like other metal beds, giving it a strong durable and the potential to last for quite some time. They are also an affordable option for those looking to purchase multiple truck beds at once. 

Steel Truck Beds

Made from steel, these truck beds take strength and durability up a notch for your truck. They are denser than other options and have more resistance to rust over time. The steel body is more reliable than the aluminum truck beds, having to ability to haul heavier cargo than the aluminum truck beds. This is essential for those who need to haul larger and heavier cargo regularly that exceed the weight limit of other bed options. 

Hybrid Truck Beds

A blend of steel and aluminum, the hybrid truck bed brings the best of both worlds together to magnify your truck’s performance and allow it to maintain dependability and performance. They have the minimal maintenance of an aluminum bed with the strength of steel. They have been a popular option for those who need a stronger bed than standard aluminum but not quite the maintenance or total strength of a solid steel bed.

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Which Bed is Right For You?

When you determine the appropriate truck bed for you, it is based solely on your needs for the bed and the weight that you expect to carry regularly. Annual maintenance and long-term durability should be considered since this is an investment in your livelihood. Choose the appropriate Hillsboro truck bed today when you visit Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories. We offer different sizes in these beds for your convenience. Give our team a call today or visit us in Manhattan, KS. We proudly serve customers in the surrounding areas of Ogden, St. George, Junction City, and Topeka. We look forward to installing your new truck bed soon.