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About DewEze Farming And Livestock Equipment

DewEze has been serving the farm and livestock industries since 1968 and proudly focuses on providing products that embody the spirit of such professions. Their business started with hay hauling equipment and later grew to include livestock feeding equipment and truck flatbed modifications. Located in Harper, Kansas they still proudly serve the local community while also being recognized as industry experts nationwide.

Hauling Truck Beds

Hauling is an integral part of the job in many different industries in St. George, especially so in farming and livestock. Made of heavy-duty steel DewEze’s flatbeds offer LED lights, easy access, viewability from the truck’s cabin, and a spray-on coating that helps it lasts. A DewEze flatbed can provide you many decades of use. DewEze also offers specialized flatbeds designed to haul reels commonly used for fiber cable and utility wire.

Hay Hauling Truck Beds

In industries such as farming and livestock, the ability to move and handle hay bails is an essential part of daily work, and no matter if it’s a farm in Ogden or a cattle ranch, the right tools are needed for the right job. DewEze’s hay bailers are available in several different configurations with features such as handheld controls and easy access to components. Many of their hay hauling components can easily be attached to an existing truck bed. More advanced models offer features such as remote control, advanced hydraulics, and various squeeze styles.

About The BeefCake Cake Feeder

Feeding the livestock is one of the essential parts of the workday on any ranch or farm in Junction City. The BeefCake Cake Feeder helps manage daily livestock feeding and works with different feeding styles, such as cubes or grain. It can be set to also dispense feed in a line or in piles depending on need. Easy to use, it is also available in electric and hydraulic models.

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Why Go With Us?

In the greater Manhattan, Kansas area, there are many different suppliers of specialized truck beds and associated industrial equipment. At Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories, we want to be your dealer and partner in your business needs. We stand out from the rest by offering the best in brands, customer service, support, and accessories you might need. We service truck owners in Manhattan and nearby Topeka with all their truck bed modification needs for business and pleasure. Call us today to learn more and for a quote.