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The Various Types Of CM Truck Beds

CM branded truck beds are a popular choice for truck bed modifications for your Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and RAM truck as the company is known for producing high-quality products for over 20 years. In addition to the quality of the items they sell, CM Truck Beds also has a national footprint, making service and maintenance far less difficult. Their warranties are well regarded in the industry.

The Advantages Of A Steel or Aluminum Flatbed

When selecting a flatbed for daily use in Ogden steel and aluminum are popular choices, each offers its own advantages. Steel flatbeds are strong and durable and, with proper maintenance, can stand up to hard, heavy work. Aluminum is an alternative and offers the advantages of lighter weight and resistance to rust; however, it is not as easy to modify as steel and aluminum are often more expensive than steel.

About Stake Bodies

A stake body is designed to be a flexible type of flatbed with an open designed and sockets to allow fencing or railing to be put around any cargo being transported. Stake bodies see a lot of use in industries such as farming or construction with specific transport needs.

About Service Bodies

A service bed is a useful addition to any work truck in St. George. CM Truck Beds service bodies add storage space, expandability, and modified additions such as a crane to make loading and unloading easier. Service bodies are also available in aluminum and steel options.

What Are Speciality Beds?

Specialty beds are designed to meet highly specific needs and industries. A specialist bed can be customized for wielders, towing needs, landscaping, hay bail transportation for Junction City farmers, dump trucks, and more. Such specialized additions can be very useful for your profession and save on expensive equipment rental and also increase convenience making your daily work tasks easier.

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Why Use Us For Your Truck Modification Needs?

At Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories, we are specialists in truck bed installation, maintenance, and all your accessory needs. We proudly serve truck owners in Manhattan, Kansas and nearby cities such as Topeka. We sell a wide assortment of bed modifications for both personal and professional use and can help you with any project you may have. Contact us today for a free quote, and if you have any questions about truck bed modifications or how to make your truck more useful, we can certainly help.